OpenShift: Your Golden Ticket to Streamlining, Automating, & Communicating!

Listen in to Audrey Kabel interview Cole Martin, OpenShift expert about the many features of Red Hat's OpenShift and Platform as a Service (PaaS).


OpenShift: Your Golden Ticket to Streamlining, Automating, & Communicating!


OpenShift: Your Golden Ticket to Streamlining, Automating, & Communicating!

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Audrey: Hi everyone, thanks for joining our OpenShift podcast at Open Source Architect where we speak Open Source! This is Audrey and I am happy to introduce our guest today: OpenShift Expert, Cole Martin! Thanks for coming to speak Open Source with us, Cole!

Cole: Glad to be here! I’m definitely feeling the Zen with the OSA team today – everyone seems to be relaxed & floating on their own cloud after that great yoga session, Audrey!

Audrey: Haha well we are certainly glad you were able to make it in on our weekly “Yoga-Flow-OSA-Namaste’ Session! Cole I have to admit – your flexibility was impressive…I have practiced yoga for years and I still struggle, but you had such grace from one pose to the next! What’s your secret?!

Cole: Why thank you Audrey…but as a true yogi, I can never reveal the secret.

Audrey: Guess we’ll never know the secret of Cole Martin – OpenShift expert and unexpected true yogi…So Cole, I’m glad you mentioned the OSA team is now “floating on their own little cloud,” because I’d like to float towards a little different type of cloud – Openshift!

Cole: Clever! OpenShift is Red Hat’s platform as a service or PaaS that takes away the headache that our customers typically experience when collaboration, communication, & iteration take place… For Application Teams and IT Operations Teams, think of OpenShift as basically your golden-ticket to DevOps, entering the world of modernizing applications, rapid delivery of new services, and being free to condense & accelerate the entire development process.

Audrey: Sounds interesting! How can it be set up?

Cole: OpenShift can be set up on a physical hardware, virtual servers, or in the public cloud infrastructure. This all runs on the Red Hat Linux we all love, safe and snug. Like a bug in a rug.

Audrey: If I’ve learned anything from my time with you experts, it’s that Security, efficiency, and development are absolutely vital to success! & Openshift sounds like it could be VITAL to an organization’s success. What are some other ways our hard- working listeners will benefit from this “Golden-Ticket”?

Cole: So listeners, if you are tired of wasting time, effort, and patience, don’t pull your hair out just yet!

With OpenShift…Red Hat’s “Golden-Ticket”…takes you to a new IT world…without the outdated chaos! Imagine an automated system that stream-lines and accelerates delivery without compromising quality.

We all know the struggles: always trying to collaborate and communicate with so many different people on our team (namely developers and operations admins), in order to effectively be on the same page. These are the most necessary and ALSO the most time-consuming tasks.

Audrey: You’re so right, I couldn’t imagine using any other DevOps Technology other than OpenShift!

Cole: Exactly! & I’m glad you mentioned DevOps. You know customers shouldn’t have to wait on the unnecessary infrastructure overhead. By the time Developers and QA get an application in to production, the customer is already tapping their foot wanting another update or sweet feature! Folks, don’t let your customer break up with you over your inability to adapt to the new and improved way of efficient delivery.

Audrey: Interesting point, Cole…and believe me, I’ve had my share of break-ups for that very reason…But that’s a different story for a different time….Cole, isn’t OpenShift involved somehow with Docker?

Cole: It’s not only “involved” – it’s a value add! We know why most organizations love docker: it’s an incredible technology that can greatly speed up development and deployment of applications and systems…but a Docker container is only as valuable as what you put inside of it.

Red Hat OpenShift adds significant value when your organization is in need of a complete platform solution with a host of enterprise-ready technologies such as Kubernetes and enterprise-hardened security through RHEL Atomic.

Audrey: I know a lot of our listeners are probably thinking how they can get started on OpenShift quickly? Cole, could you shed some light on this for our listeners?

Cole: Audrey – this is so simple and I’ll tell ya why. Most of you are probably already on your computer or phone – so go head over to and check out our Quickstart – we put together a process that we call Identify, Architect Deliver and Empower. This process helps our customers not only get started, but also gets their applications in to production faster. We combine this with empowerment, and what this means is that your team is getting a hands-on training session while our experts are also building your dev-ops practice.

Audrey: Cole, we really appreciate you joining us today – in Yoga AND in our podcast.

Cole: It was my pleasure – always a great time coming to speak open source with you guys!

Audrey: For all you listeners out there, take it from Cole, OpenShift could be your golden-ticket to becoming efficient! More information can be found at: 972-559-4672 or, head over to:, our Account Managers are on standby ready to discuss how OpenShift can be an added value to your organization. You’re listening to Audrey speaking on behalf of Open Source Architect, where we speak open source.. until next time!

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May 27, 2016

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