Matt Hitzeman & A Fresh Perspective: Community Jenkins VS. CloudBees Jenkins Platform

Kelly catches Matt Hitzeman at a perfect time! Jenkins 2.0 is days away from it's release and he gave us some never-heard-before feedback!


Matt Hitzeman & A Fresh Perspective: Community Jenkins VS. CloudBees Jenkins Platform


Matt Hitzeman & A Fresh Perspective: Community Jenkins VS. CloudBees Jenkins Platform

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Kelly: Hello everyone and thanks for joining Open Source Architect where we speak Open Source! You’re listening to Kelly, and today is an exciting day for the OSA team because we have a special guest here with us. Reppin’ CloudBees and always showing OSA some love, everyone let’s welcome Matt Hitzeman!

Thanks for coming to speak open source today with us, Matt!

Matt: Thanks for having me Kelly it’s great being here.

Kelly: You know Matt we have heard mostly good things about you. You and Farhan, clearly go way back! Give us a little bit of background on your work and experience with CloudBees.

Matt: Yeah so Farhan and I do go way back. We have had a great personal and business relationship so it’s always a joy to spend time with you guys here at open source architect. I guess it started I have a consulting background I worked with Farhan at a company called Amentra that was eventually was acquired by Red Hat and is now today Red Hat consulting. Through that experience I also was also able to work with with Farhan once he started open source architect. I managed and built a middleware ecosystem of what I’ll call services or solutions based companies. We turned them as Regional SI’s, I’m sure Farhan will be ok with that analogy. But basically we were tasked to build an ecosystem of partners that could help us deliver solutions around our middleware portfolio at Red Hat. And that’s what kind of sprung me over to CloudBees I’m basically a channel sales manager here at CloudBees and I’m excited to build the same ecosystem working with partners like OSA to really solve customer problems around DevOps and CICD and really delivering solution around our great technology.

Kelly: Ok very cool. So, Matt, what inspired you to go to CloudBees?

Matt: Uh a lot of things. I think based on my career so far in IT I’ve always been close to application development and developers. And I saw a trend which obviously I think we all see even today, is this need to become more agile and the speed to get applications from what I call ideation into production is becoming a competitive need for any business. And this buzz around Dev-Ops and Continuous Delivery was even coming into what we were trying to accomplish at Red Hat. And I got the opportunity to speak to some of my old colleagues at CloudBees which, certainly is a great company of really smart people. And once I learned a little bit more about Jenkins and the community surrounding that it just really felt like home. I mean I’ve been in open source software for along time. And it just seemed to be a great place to grow my career and you know obviously get on this rocket ship which is Jenkins and Dev-Ops CICD so that was kind of the short story of what brought me over.

Kelly: Well and it’s great that you get to do something that you love every day for sure. So let’s elaborate a little bit on this buzzword of the day Dev-Ops. You know the Jenkins platform is such an innovative and exciting technology. But for those that don’t know much about this tool do you think that you can enlighten us with an equally exciting analogy that describes the relationship between CloudBees Jenkins’ platform and Dev-Ops?

Matt: Sure I think that’s one of my favorite activities is coming up with these fun analogies. I think and I can’t take a ton of credit for this one. If he’s listening he knows he kind of gave me this idea but I think the best analogy, because I can relate to a very well is you know Dev-Ops is to CloudBees Jenkins platform the same way Apple is to the smartphone and what I mean by that is you know I think it provides the same service for their customers. So when I think about my iPhone, my iPhone helps me integrate and automate my life. Again it has my email, it has my calendar, it has you know fun games and shows I like to watch. It helps me connect with friends and family. I think that’s you know kind of in the same way that CloudBees Jenkins platform helps automate and integrate tools and ultimately people process and technology. So clients can achieve efficiencies and actually excel in what we call today Dev-Ops CICD.

Kelly: Ok so why would companies even be hesitant to consider a Dev-Ops strategy? I mean I know if I had to go back to a flip phone I would feel so lost and the behind in everyday life. Most people by now understand that OSA is tied in with Dev-Ops and CloudBees Jenkins platform. But let’s be more specific on how. What do you think makes open source architect so special could you give us an analogy there?

Matt: Yeah sure and I think it’s pretty easy to keep it along the same theme here so. You know the analogy I would create for OSA and Dev-Ops would be more or less the Apple geniuses that operate in the apple stores that we obviously, those that have iPhones probably need to frequent, from time to time and that experience for me is related to problem solvers. So people that can really help customers utilize the technology the best way, right so you hope you know people that are looking to do more with their device or maybe you’re just stuck. And I think that’s what you guys do for customers looking to innovate their businesses so you take a lot of different technology, you think about the way customers are utilizing technologies and you help them do it better. So again you kind of bring it all together, people, process and technology and drive a lot of Innovation for your customers. So again I think they’re both tightly aligned.

Kelly: Well would you say that Dev-Ops with CloudBees Jenkins platform is an easy transition for most IT Teams?

Matt: Well that’s a really good question. I think I would be fired if I said no. But, let me try to tell you why I say yes.

Kelly: We don’t want that!

Matt: So you know again I say that you know Dev-Ops is a really interesting concept and I think, I think it is challenging. So I wouldn’t say it’s easy. But, I think what our customers are saying and I think you know some of the reasons OSA and CloudBees is so tightly aligned, is we are seeing that the, not only the Jenkins Product, but obviously the enterprise features that come with Jenkins or CloudBees Jenkins platform are really helping our customers bring everything together so they’re seeing how they can monitor, manage, integrate all these different technologies and they’re seeing results because we produce things like analytics and feedback loops. So again customers that are trying to build Continuous delivery pipelines can actually see and monitor that it’s working and obviously create better success and obviously driving more business value.

Kelly: And are not just saying that so you don’t get fired?

Matt: No, Absolutely not.

Kelly: And you know OSA customers have continued to have great success. For their Dev-Ops strategy because of CloudBees Jenkins platform. I’m interested to know what would you say to someone that is so super set on Community Jenkins. And not so much on the CloudBees Jenkins enterprise.

Matt: Well I mean first things first I’d be excited that they were using Jenkins. You know Jenkins is a great community, it’s been around for a long time, over ten years. It is the market leading continuous integration and continuous delivery tool on the marketplace. Again but there’s a place for the community and there’s a place for a customer needing to align with CloudBees to acquire what we call a subscription for CloudBees Jenkins platform. So I think you know in short, the process of taking a customer that is using Jenkins for Continuous Integration, listening to how that’s being effective, understanding their challenges or goals to move from Continuous Integration to Dev-Ops and Continuous Delivery is really where a lot of times partners such as OSA come in. So we can listen to our customers, identify how they’re using the community Jenkins today, understand their goals or where they want to go in the future and then diagnose when and where they need to acquire a relationship with CloudBees Jenkins platform and again a lot of that is going to be solution and use case driven. Every customer is different. So again I would view it as a challenge but obviously an opportunity to really talk to that Jenkins user and identify how we can help them be more successful.

Kelly: That’s a great point Matt. You know we’re going to take a short break but when we come back let’s discuss these challenges more in depth and for those listeners out there that want to continue with this interview with Matt, part two should be directly under this link here.

Part 2:

Kelly: All right thanks for tuning back in with us. This is Kelly with Open Source Architect where we speak open source. We’re interviewing Matt Hitzeman with CloudBees today. We left off Part 1 discussing the importance of understanding your clients needs. What’s been the greatest challenge that you encounter most at CloudBees with your clients? And how do you overcome these challenges?

Matt: I’ll take that question a little bit selfishly, i think my biggest challenge and you know I think this is a company wide standpoint, is there literally is thousands of Jenkins users out there and we just can’t get around to talk to all of them. So I think again my biggest challenge is getting in front of customers and helping identify the challenges they have in the Dev-Ops, CICD space and really positioning where we can help them you know meet their goals or get them to you know ultimately, what we would call Continuous Delivery pipelines in the future. So I think it’s working with partners like OSA that bring a deep level of expertise not only on our technology but on identifying a customer’s pain points and putting an end and solution together. For our customers and candidly you know again we don’t have the time or resources to get around everybody so i think it’s just a numbers game for us. But certainly we’re trying to help as many customers as we can.

Kelly: Just not enough hours in the day.

Matt: Never.

Kelly: Ok so what would be a top tip for someone that is just getting started in their career using Jenkins, CI or IT just in general?

Matt: I think I would have them call 1-800-OSA or 1-800-CloudBees I think. I think they need to talk to the experts.

Kelly: That’s a good tip.

Matt: Yes I think so I hope those phone lines aren’t active I think You know honestly i think you, it’s two fold i think what’s unique about this relationship between us and CloudBees Jenkins is we have a shared vision of how to make customer successful and I think we complement one another very nicely I think you know we team together because we drive some really great innovation and solutions around Dev-Ops CICD and I think, you know I think working together we can really help bring this all together and kind of help firms be successful.

Kelly: Now are there any future CloudBees Jenkins platform features or special plug-ins that get you excited about what they can do for companies for the future?

Matt: Yeah absolutely so I think you know we just had our company meeting last month and there’s a lot of exciting things coming I think what I can talk about you know because some of these are on a roadmap is a lot of the user interface and usability and kind of features to kind of make it a little bit more slick and a little bit more consumable for our company for our customers is coming.

So I think you know our existing customers and prospective customers are really going to like that and then the areas where we’re going to grow I think a lot and it’s already been released but, we just launched our private SAS edition, which for me the easiest way I can relate to it is just it’s on demand Jenkins right. Jenkins as a service so instead of buying a single subscription and installing a Jenkins server. It is basically giving you immediate access to as much Jenkins as our clients can consume in real time. So I really think especially for our large enterprise customers that’s going to be a big opportunity for them to see a lot of value and obviously for our CloudBees and our partners to have a lot of success in that space.

Kelly: Next thing you know ya’ll are going to have that text service where someone can just send you guys the computer emoji and Jenkins will be on the way, like Pizza Huts delivery when you send them the pizza emoji.

Matt: Yeah except it’s going to be our little Jenkins butler all dressed up, however you’d like to dress him up.

Kelly: That would be great and he should and will now we really appreciate you. Hang in there one last question, you know Farhan says that Dev-Ops is about cultural shift not just technological shift. Could you elaborate on this statement a little bit for us?

Matt: Yeah sure and I think you know because you know Farhan and I you know kind of worked together back when I was more on the consulting side of things. I can really relate to this. You know I kind of joke sometimes of people anybody looking to do Dev-Ops probably needs a first hire and in-house psychiatrist to try to get these different side load organizations within IT to want to it and learn to work together so in that aspect you know it is about technology. But more importantly like I said earlier and I don’t want to be too repetitive here it is about people, it is about process and it is about technology and it’s figuring out how again you know our customers hopefully can align strategically with their great partners like Open Source Architect who can take those three things and you know listen to their customers, listen to our customer’s needs, diagnose how you can help them be successful and then obviously help them and implement a solution so I call it suit to nuts or kind of end solutions and helping our shared customers be successful.

Kelly: So do you have anything else you want to add to our listeners out there?

Matt: No i’m just waiting to see when you’re going to roll out the red carpet for the big movie event tomorrow. I’m rooting for superman hopefully he can pull out a victory.

Kelly: Oh gosh well we do look forward to seeing you at our batman superman premiere tomorrow we’ll be sure to roll the red carpet out for you. Thank you so much for going to speak open source with us today we really appreciate it.

Matt: Thanks Kelly thanks for having me.

Kelly: Again everyone that was Matt Hitzeman of CloudBees who just gave a fantastic run-down on Dev-Ops and implementing a Jenkins strategy. Feel free to check out for more information or call 972-559-4OSA. That’s 9725594672 you’re listening to Kelly speaking on behalf of open source architect where we speak open source until next time.

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May 27, 2016

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