Red Hat Learning Subscription Standard (LS220) with Scott Stewart


Red Hat Learning Subscription Standard (LS220) with Scott Stewart

Red Hat Learning Subscription Standard (LS220) with Scott Stewart

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Alex: Good afternoon everyone and thanks for listening to Open Source Architect where we speak open source. This is Alex coming at you live from Las Vegas where we have been enjoying the 2016 Red Hat Training Partner Conference. Today we have the privilege of speaking with the lively, Scott Stewart who is Senior Partner Manager for Red Hat training. Thanks for sneaking away from the fun to speak with us today about Red Hat training and the latest with the Red Hat Learning Subscription.

Scott: Well it’s very exciting to be here Alex, thanks for having me.

Alex: Great I’m happy to see your excitement! So can you tell us a little bit about your role in Red Hat?

Scott: Uh yes I am the as Alex mentioned I’m the senior partner manager for Red Hat Training and Certification and I get the great opportunity to work with some of Red Hat’s best partners and help them position training more effectively. Um I’ve been at Red Hat for almost ten years based in Raleigh, North Carolina and I’ve been in this current role for about eight.

Alex: Wow I’m sure you’ve had the opportunity of meeting some great people in that role and it sounds like you’ve had some busy times.

Scott: Well actually it’s been a very busy eighteen months and you know about eighteen months ago Red Hat announced our first subscription based learning offering and we call it the Red Hat Learning Subscription or we call it RHLS for short. The first offering we brought out about eighteen months ago we call it Red Hat Learning Subscription Basic. So what we did with the Red Hat Learning Subscription and why we think it’s very exciting proposition for customers is basically we took all of our content and all of our self paced and video classes content about forty or so offerings of forty or so classes and we packaged them all together and we provided them over to customers to consume. When they want to consume right over the course of a one year period on top of giving everybody access to all the courses, we package together four hundred hours of lab access to the same classroom labs that you know a student or a customer would be able to get if they showed up at one of our many public offerings for Red Hat training same the same labs that are in the classroom and a nice package that you can consume over that full year up to four hundred hours. On top of that one other thing we did is that we took recorded videos where we actually had instructors who would actually teach a unit out of a class and you could go and students could go use that for reference. And we also of course provide help for our students via email for this offering so this offerings been wildly successful and I’m excited to talk about some new things we have going forward with the learning subscription for you as well Alex.

Alex: That sounds great, I understand Red Hat has just recently released a new version of a learning subscription, Red Hat Learning Subscription Standard LS220. Do you think you can tell us more about it?

Scott: I would love to. So RHLS Standard we introduced that June of this year and it has actually proven to be more successful than our first offering with our Learning Subscription Basic. Um how it differs, we actually added to the content right so we have more content that’s available on top of the existing access to self-based learning access to labs access to reported recorded videos. We actually have a new offering that’s included in standard called expert seminars and I like to call it non-technical technical training. It’s really seminar-based recorded titles. This is exclusive content to our RHLS standard subscribers so if you wanted to go out and learn the basics for developing a containerized application you would have a seminar there to go to go through. So like I said it’s done all over stuff from a video standpoint and recorded seminars are done by instructors or subject matter experts within whatever the topic we have in front of customers. We also what we did too is we uh we try to enhance the user experience as well so uh an enhanced portal. So RHLS standard subscribers are going to log in and see a portal that’s easy to navigate and provides a lot a lot of new search functionality. One of the things we’re most proud of with the learning subscription. So let’s say you have a topic that you wanted to search and find every reference to that topic throughout our entire portfolio offerings let’s say System D which is a product inside a Red Hat Enterprise Linux you could go in search System D and be able to pull up all of course offerings and where it’s available for you to go in reference inside all the classes that offer or teach around System D. So that functionality is great. We also created a learning pass that get students to go and reference. So if you have a goal of becoming a Red Hat certified engineer, R.E.C. for short, you can go look and follow the path along and to get to that level of expertise to be ready to take an exam. We also provided additional support function that we have as well inside our RHLS standard is instructor office hours and what this really is is that it’s a mentoring opportunity for students because all the contents self-paced. We wanted to enhance the offering and provide access to instructors so if you have a problem or if you’re having to or stumbling a little bit on the content you can go and create a time or request a time to speak directly to an instructor to go over you know those challenges you’re having in the classroom. So the functionality around instructor office hours as well as that you could schedule it twenty four seven basically Monday through Friday. So I think the most important thing that we included in RHLS standard is exam vouchers. So so customers who buy RHLS standards have the opportunity to take five different exams and also if you stumble on one of the exams you get to two retakes as well so that learning path that I mentioned before you have the ability to go into learning pass and pick a class take that class once you’re ninety percent complete it’s going to unlock a an exam voucher for you and you can go and take that you know redeem that voucher to go take an exam.

Alex: Well that definitely sounds like an awesome upgrade. I think users are really going to enjoy it. How do you think businesses can benefit from the RHLS 220?

Scott: They absolutely can benefit. So I think advantage one is the beauty around the learning subscription in general and this applies to basic as well, RHLS basic, is that you get a trainer on your schedule. Right. I think the biggest challenge for customers to go and train today is that if they’re looking for classroom training they have to travel in a lot of cases. And also you have to worry about you know classes canceling so I know travel budgets aren’t like they are aren’t like they were I guess but before two thousand and eight. So those are it is challenging to get out to work for one and then challenging to travel for two and then the fear about having a live class cancel is definitely legitimate. With the learning subscription you don’t have to do that you can train on your own schedule you don’t have to worry about travel you don’t have to worry about you know getting leaving the data center for a week to go and take a class. It’s all there for you. You can train on your own time. If you want to pick two hours on a Friday afternoon or Friday morning to go and train you absolutely can do that and you get it for a full year so it’s definitely an advantage for a student to be able to train when they’re going to have time to do so. Also, the Red Hat Learning Subscription is very cost effective. Right. If you look at Red Hat Learning Basic it’s a fifty five hundred dollar list price. So basically what that means is that that cost if it’s if it’s a lower cost for buying that offering than two classes are in the classroom. We’re taking them virtually. And then when you look at RHLS standard it’s a seven thousand dollar list price. So basically that’s the cost of two classes plus exams and all the exams you get so the exam you get is effectively you know a two thousand to three thousand dollar value for all students have access to all those exams. So it’s a cost effective offering that you know when you couple that with training on your schedule makes it very effective but also I think one more thing is is important to note as well about the learning subscription you get to train on your job role today. Let’s say you’re a Linux administrator and. You want to aspire to be a Red Hat Certified System Administrator. So that’s your job today but what about a year from now what about six months from now. So you get access to everything we have let’s say you want to go learn about Open Stack or go learn about Red Hat satellite or learn about our clustering or storage solutions or our platform as a service product openshift. You have the ability to go and do that. So what we’ve seen from customers they are really fully taking advantage of training on things that are other than Linux or other than JBoss application. Our application server product. So you get the opportunity to go and train on stuff that maybe you’re not using today but you’re going to use in six months or twelve months from now it’s really going to put you ahead of the learning curve. Customers even call the learning subscription and access to the content there as a pre-proof of concept. So in a proof of concept this stuff is talked about all the time with Red Hat and Red Hat sales reps and Red Hat you know partners like Open Source Architect. So it’s really a value to get all that content on the stuff you’re using today to sharpen your skills for your day job but also to prepare yourself for your day job in the future.

Alex: Definitely, I think the availability of RHLS is something businesses could really utilize in the busy day to day operations of a company. Well, we’re excited about it and so speaking of partners how do partners like say Open Source Architect provide value to your customers?

Scott: So partners like Open Source Architect are tremendous values to Red Hat. Quite frankly our strategy as a company is to be very very partner centric and partners like Open Source Architect that can provide value and so on on our products and subscriptions you know for providing our renewals and also providing our services make them very very good players in the Red Hat ecosystem so Open Source Architect is tremendous today and there are tremendous assets to Red Hat today and positioning our you know start to finish solutions and providing that one point of contact out to customers from positioning the correct solutions to the customer base off what their needs are to providing quality customer service and positioning services like RHLS on top of the product subscriptions. They also are beneficial to you know to be that you know that customer advocate for throughout the lifecycle so if there’s ever any you know problems or situations you need assistance with your partners are always on top of that and Open Source Architect is great. So even when it gets back to the end of the subscription after a year or after the three year period they’re there front and center to help you continue and renew that product or Red Hat products going forward so it’s very you know that’s you know for me you know my role is to support partners and make sure they are confident in positioning Red Hat Training Solutions and you know they’re like I said partners are essential to the Red Hat ecosystem as we try to become a much bigger company than we are today.

Alex: Thank you for that. Anything you’d like to add before we head back to all the conference fun?

Scott: Oh yes one more thing I failed to mention I wanted to add is that like I said the Red Hat Learning Subscription is a subscription offering. So you have the ability with the Red Hat Learning Subscription to tie that to your product subscriptions as well. So we can do co terms. We have the ability to make it really easy for you to buy training and to consume training and you know it’s great that Alex that you had me here today to talk about our learning subscription and I appreciate all your support and look forward to more and more customers enjoying it and getting value from it.

Alex: Well, we look forward to working with you Scott and we appreciate you giving our listeners some excellent information on the new Red Hat Learning Subscription. That was Scott Stewart, Senior Partner Manager at Red Hat. For more information, head over to or call 972-559-4672. That’s 972-559-4672, where our Account Managers are on standby ready to discuss how the Red Hat Learning Subscription can be an added value to your organization. You’re listening to Alex speaking on behalf of Open Source Architect, where we speak open source. Until next time!

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November 9, 2016

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