Learn all things AppDynamics. At AppDynamics University, you’ll find the knowledge, instruction and guidance you need to become an AppDynamics champion in your organization.

AppDynamics University is designed to make and keep you an AppDynamics champion. We provide Instructor-Led training and support – with the goal of providing both coaching and mentoring from our AppDynamics Expert Instructors. AppDynamics University also has a catalog of interactive Self-Paced courses and Learning Bytes courses to enable ongoing learning.

AppDynamics Training

AppDynamics in Action for Java

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AppDynamics in Action is designed for all AppDynamics users, regardless of role, to know how to troubleshoot common performance issues and be able to make adjustments to the out of the box configurations for a more customized view into your environment.

AppDynamics in Action for .NET

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This course introduces the student to performance management with AppDynamics for .NET enterprise applications with use cases that illustrate the power of AppDynamics from out of the box deployment to advanced techniques like automated remediation.

AppDynamics in Action for Power Users

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This course covers a more comprehensive topic list than the Operators course, starting from basic navigation and building to complex AppDynamics configuration and troubleshooting topics.

AppDynamics in Action for Operators

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This 1 day course covers the fundamental functions of AppDynamics, optimized for the role of operators. If you are an operator who monitors production environments to achieve optimum performance of your applications, this is the course for you.

AppDynamics in Action for Developers

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This 2 day course instructs developers on how to best correlate the performance issues identified by AppDynamics back to the offending code segments.

AppDynamics Admin

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This self-paced course will introduce the student to the world of AppDynamics Administration both for On-Premise and SaaS deployment.